Anita Bodorné Juhász Dr.

Telephon: +36-28-522-000/1765
Office: Szent István University, Institute of Botany and Ecophysiology
2100-Gödöllő Páter K.u.1.

Status: Research fellow, PhD

Research interest:
• Effect of climate change on criptogamic species
• Desiccation resistance of criptogamic species
• Ecophysiology of criptogamic species: watercontent, pigment content, carbohydrate metabolism, carbon exchange, they role in ecosystem
• Using bio-indication to detect and measure environmental impact

• Ground of Plantphysiology

• 1999-2005, Szent István University, biologist PhD
• 1992-1999, Szent István Egyetem, agricultural engeineer MsC

Other experience:
• Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…), statistic (Sigmaplot, Minitab).

Language skills:
• english ground B1
• German – Zertifikat, Goethe Institute, Lübeck